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Every day there are nine deaths in this country due to distracted driving. These deaths are 100% preventable. Take a stand, have a conversation with your family, friends, and co-workers about putting the phone down and getting home safely every day.

Your sphere of influence is so much bigger than you think it is. You can make a difference. Have the conversation, then be a role model.

The FActs

So, What's the big deal with Distracted Driving?


Killed in 2018


Injured in 2018


Drivers using cellphone in 2017


of the distracted drivers involved in fatal crashes were aged 20–29 (2018)


of drivers aged 18+ texted or emailed while driving (2019)


Cell phone users are 5 times more likely to get into an crash than undistracted drivers

Spread the message of road safety and how to avoid distracted driving!

Book Mike Pitcher now for this crucial and consequential topic presentation and help us stop distracted driving together.

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How to save a life

As the former CEO of LeasePlan USA, one of the largest fleet management companies in the United States, Mike and his team instituted the first cell phone ban while employees were driving LeasePlan vehicles. He was  part of the team that successfully passed legislation in the state of Georgia on a hands-free law that began saving lives in 2018. During this initiative, Mike met several family members impacted by the deaths of relatives caused by distracted driving crashes. He committed to assisting these passionate and determined individuals that are trying to ensure other families don’t have to face this type of tragedy. Mike believes that success will come through a strategy that involves multiple efforts. These include state legislation, corporate policy and individual responsibility. As individuals, our sphere of influence is so much larger than we believe. By taking a stand, and having one on one conversations, every one of us can do our part to end the deaths that occur through distracted driving, (deaths that are 100% preventable).


“Mike Pitcher’s Seven eLements of Leadership is an excellent program for the development of our partner teams in the Americas. In the several events we have had Mike participate, his message was insightful and relevant on a business and personal level, delivered in an engaging and energizing way.”

John Moses

Vice President,
Americas Partner Organization,
Cisco Systems

“Mike Pitcher’s Seven eLements is one of the best leadership books I have ever read, and I have read many.  I told Mike I was going to write the shortest leadership book ever released. The content of my book would be READ MIKE PITCHER’S BOOK.”

Charlie Merinoff

Co Chairman of the Board,
Breakthru Beverage Group

Mike delivered the Keynote at our 2016 Business Expo and Luncheon in front of 400 business owners and professionals. His 7 Elements of Leadership enlightened and energized the crowd. This was the day after the Presidential election, and Mike was delivering his message to a mostly Hispanic crowd. Yet, Mike managed to provide inspiration and motivation to all the participants, despite their political affiliations, proving that his message resonates with authenticity and purpose. Mike, will be our featured speaker at our 2017, Leadership Conference at the Global Headquarters at UPS, speaking to a group comprised of mostly Hispanic Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Santiago R. Marquez

President and CEO,

Mike brought his special blend of motivation, insight, humor, and storytelling to the women at ProWIN (Professional Women’s Information Network). Truly one of the best speakers we’ve had for our luncheon speaker series. We’re not a pushover crowd, so when I say he wow’d the audience, believe me, he did. The entire audience enjoyed absorbing Mike’s leadership eLements as he weaved stories into his presentation with such engaging style and charisma. I had read Mike’s book prior to his presentation, and watching him tell the Dad story was the icing on top. That one hit a home run with our group. I heard more than a few sniffles in the room. Bravo!

Anita R. Henderson

Professional Women's Information Network (ProWIN) 2017

Mike Pitcher shares his Seven eLements of Leadership through intensely personal storytelling. You feel you are sitting across from him and traveling with him─reacting to the realities, experiencing the lessons learned, and practicing the approaches so that you can embrace each eLement for your own leadership journey.

Helene G. Lollis

President & CEO,

Mike captured the hearts and minds of our global sales force through an authentic, humorous delivery of his seven elements of leadership. Part of what made his delivery so effective was the use of personal stories which illustrated how leadership had played out in his life over the course of his career. Mike created a lasting impression with everyone in that room – who walked away with a desire to inspire others in their lives.

Melissa Smith

President and CEO,
WEX Inc.

“Mike, Thank you so much for your presentation to The Brain Trust on Leadership. As a group of CEO’s we’re a hard bunch to please, however I’m delighted to say that your presentation was in the top two presentations we’ve received in 252 meetings over 21 years. The value was priceless as we endeavor to take our skills to the next level. And you showed us how executing on your brand of leadership will also have a large, positive impact on our respective company cultures.”

Tom Cramer

Brain Trust CEO Forum

Mike delivered the Keynote at our 2016 Global Sales Conference and set the tone for the week. His 7 eLements of Leadership provided something for everyone, both professionally and personally. Mike’s energy, passion and commitment comes through in every word and had our audience engaged from the minute he stepped on the stage. A year later, our sales team still references Mike and his lessons.

Bernie Kavanagh

Senior Vice President, Sales,
WEX Inc.

“When Mike Pitcher presents his “How to Save a Life” presentation on Distracted Driving people listen. More importantly, people change their behavior. Rated as the highest speaker of our annual conference, Mike gets very personal about how one person can influence the behavior of so many others.  He’s right when he states – Leaders influence always. In this instance, it is about saving lives.”

Brian Barber

Former President,
Automotive Fleet Leasing Association

"Ever since Mike Presented “How to Save a Life” and “Seven eLements at our conference, I have been inundated with accolades for his presentations. Not only is he one of the most down to earth CEO’s I’ve ever met, but his presentations resonated with our audience in a visceral way. They were truly captivated by what he had to say, and walked away ready to make positive change in their organizations – and most importantly – in themselves. And it’s no wonder, really. He has a profoundly understandable and effective leadership philosophy that he shares openly, and freely with everyone. As a man of great accomplishment, he knows it’s time to “send the elevator back down” and bring up those around him. If you have Mike at your next conference, you will not be disappointed. You will be incredibly lucky to have him."


Executive Director,
Manufacturers And Food Services Industry

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