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The Last Five Minutes Should Rock Your World!

Quick: What’s the last thing you listened to before you arrived at the office today? If you can’t remember, don’t worry. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll get my point.

While sharing my leadership presentation on the Seven eLements of Leadership, there is one suggestion I have made for the past two decades that continues to generate extremely positive feedback. It’s about adjusting your attitude right before you walk into your office in the morning, and right before you walk in the door to your home in the evening.

During the last 5 minutes of your commute to work, and back home in the evening, change the music on your radio or digital device to whatever ROCKS YOUR WORLD. Notice I did not state music that “you like”, I stated music that ROCKS YOUR WORLD.

Music is one of the most effective state changers on the planet. Instead of listening to NPR, news, political pundits or sports radio, save the last five minutes of your drive to listen to music that makes you happy, and of course, ROCKS YOUR WORLD. This will change your attitude, it will change your outlook and it will change your mindset. When is the last time you walked into your home happy after listening to Fox or CNN?

I could go on for several pages about the scientific research that validates the fact that music is an incredibly powerful method to change your emotional state, but hey, trust me.  Do this and you will walk into your class, or your office, or your next sales call with a positive and upbeat attitude.  5 days, 5 minutes and see what happens.

Just a side note. I just rocked out to Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi) and Jump (Van Halen), then I wrote this, and now it’s time for a client meeting…I got this!

Trust me…it works.  After it works…tell me about it.  Rock on!

Mike Pitcher

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